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You aren't at the mercy of your emotions.

Getting stuck in the negatives and how to get unstuck.

Try to have good feelings and a favorable judgement of the current situation.
Good feelings for good reasons and for good actions is the solution for most psychological problems.
Good feelings mean good bio-chemistry and activity in the brain for good actions.

The removal of objective facts of a bad long-term situation is good.

The creation of objective facts of a good long-term situation is good.

Ask for help if needed.


Ask other persons for help. This is always the best approach to solve a problem.
More persons have more knowledge, more experience, more understanding, more intelligence, more means to help.

Ask scientific experts for help in special cases.
Ask specialized help services. But do NOT ask the police in case of intoxication or addiction.
Ask psychologists.
Ask medical doctors.

Do not use drugs to try to solve your problems on your own.
Do not consult dubious healers.
Do not consult sects or related organizations. E.g. Narconon.

No drugs

In case you suffer from drugs (sober or not):
Do the basics.
Ask for help if needed.
Do not read further this section because this is not what you need.

Use only the drugs prescribed by a scientific medical expert.
Even then, be careful and inform yourself.
E.g. an alleged report of detrimental use of ketamine.

Do NOT try drugs on your own.
Not for fun.
Especially not to solve your problems.
Especially not opioids.
Especially not psychedelics.

Quotes from a postdoctoral researcher about psilocybin: Similar quotes from experts about psychedelics:
A typical bad trip because of intoxication by psychedelics can be like an unescapable intense fever dream while being awake.
It can become worse by triggering a panic attack that might persist for the duration of the trip (several hours) and that might trigger a panic disorder.
Going through a bad trip in the jungle sounds worse (albeit in a very different way) than the initian rite with bullet ants or this experience probably triggered by capsaicin and anxiety.

Avoid any high dosage that leads to severe substance intoxication.

The short time of: is not worth the harm of you and your life.

Do not underestimate the effect of bio-chemistry:

Pleasant feelings

Allow pleasant feelings.

Memorize pleasant feelings.

Train to reproduce pleasant feelings.

Good ethics and good morality promote a lusty life.

Unpleasant feelings

My personal recommendation (at least for a sober state):
Endure the unpleasant feelings that are triggered by temporary chemistry and temporary activity of some parts of the brain.
Some call it patience.

It is a matter of time that the chemistry and brain activity of unpleasant feelings ends.

If you feel bad then:
Of course:
Allow yourself to think about something without unpleasant feelings.

Allow yourself not to care.

Good ethics and good morality promote a lusty life.

How to do what should be done

Do not think about it. You already know it should be done.

Allow yourself to do one good easy action.

Train as often as possible to do a good easy action.
No good action is too easy to be done, to train with, to break a bad habit.
Even turning on the computer is a good action.
Even opening the file is a good action.
Even writing one letter is a good action.
Even writing another letter is a good action.
Even thinking one sentence is a good action.
Even reading one word is a good action.

Doing the next good action can and should become a habit. A good normal.
But do not think that far.
Do not think 10 minutes in advance.
Do not think 10 seconds in advance.
Do not think in terms of steps.

Do the good easy action that comes to mind.

It can be easy if you allow it to be easy.
Consider your survival as safe.
No other expectation.
Do not consider yourself special or entitled or otherwise expected or doomed to be this or that, to do this or that.
Try your life. Try a life.
The moment is short. Life is long.

Like a great achievement is a sequence of easy actions, a long life is a sequence of moments.

A good life is an easy life. A sequence of easy moments.
Do not try the hard way.
Allow yourself easy moments.
Allow yourself easy actions.
Allow yourself an easy life.
Allow yourself a good life.

IMO reluctance and laziness (e.g. procrastination) is the result of: Impeding and debilitating reluctance and laziness is not a natural normal healthy trait of a brain or person.
The brain does not care about activity and effort.
The brain reacts to bio-chemistry.

How not to do what should not be done

Do not think about it. You already know it should not be done.

Allow yourself not to care.

Good ethics and good morality promote a lusty life.

Do something else.
Think something else.
Feel something else.

Create a different brain activity by doing and thinking and feeling differently.

Create a new reality by doing and thinking and feeling differently.

The wish for change is the begin of change.