last update: 2018 02 20

Good secrets

Good secrets can help to prevent lies and fraud.
E.g. cryptography can help to prevent corruption of information and identity theft.

Bad secrets

Most secrets are harmful.

Most secrets result from and lead to:
Many sentient beings suffer and are abused, tortured, mutilated, murdered because nobody else knows.

Secrets and privacy are wanted by persons:
Knowledge (science) and abilities (technology) are delayed and prevented because of secrets and ignorance.

All knowledge to create or to protect wealth should be freely and readily available.

All knowledge is wealth.

No law and no action against storage, use and exchange of knowledge and information.
Such laws and actions waste wealth and hinder useful activities.

At any time any one and any thing should be observed and located by machines.

At any time any one and any thing should be observable and locatable by any one.