last update: 2018 01 22

Universal Money Income (UMI)


Because of knowledge (science) and abilities (technology).

The evolution of societies makes it increasingly difficult to maintain and to justify wage slavery.
Wage slavery as work for money for humane survival.

The sensible reasons for money in the past:
These reasons become less sensible or reasonable as useful knowledge and abilities increase.

Automation will increasingly:
Automation means mass production.
Automation means demonetizing everything: A Post Capitalism World.
Automation means near zero marginal cost society.

Digital money

Every government should create cheap comfortable reliable debt-free tax-free digital money in addition to other currencies.

Money units have 2 purposes:
The money creator (government or other organization) determines at will:
Every money unit is tracked by computers.
No bad secrets.
Computers should know, show and optimize:

Universal income

Every physical person receives a certain amount of money every day.

A company receives money only by trade.

Every physical person should have:
The income is universal:


National companies will be forced and willing to accept the digital money created by the government.

Representative money has been deprecated since 1971.

Classic currencies remain but are replaced over time because:
Companies will probably reduce their salaries because the employees get enough money for free.

Every debt crisis (micro, macro) accelerates the replacement of classic money by comfortable reliable debt-free tax-free digital money.

No debt

Banks are paid to create money (Banking 101, Libor lie).
Banks and their debt money (bet money, bad money) and their bank secrets are only harmful to a society.
There is no good reason why the activity of banks deserves the money and debt of persons.
Persons already vote for efficient investment and production by buying and pre-ordering goods and services.

No tax

No tax is paid with the new money.
No tax on trade with the new money.
No tax to finance a UBI.

Instead the government creates and revokes money units as needed.

Any taxation system should end because:

No fee

No fee to use the digital money.

No digital gold

Currencies like Bitcoin are bad because: