last update: 2018 04 10

Universal Money Income (UMI)

Why universal

Universal in the sense of every one, including children, receiving a periodic income.
Not in the sense of every one receiving the same periodic income.

The purposes of the universal income:
No nation respects the Human Rights.
The human rights that the Covenant seeks to promote and protect include:
Thanks to knowledge and abilities, the evolution of societies makes it increasingly difficult to maintain and to justify:
The following factors are synergistic and lead to a so called positive feedback:
Automation must not be delayed and burdened by:
Automation must be encouraged, supported and financed by a UMI.

Where in the world is it easiest to get rich? | Harald Eia.

Why money

Money units have 2 good purposes:
Historic purposes of money that should be eliminated:

New economy

The basic mechanisms:
These mechanisms allow the money provider to control easily the amount of money available in national and international economies without complicated mechanims like e.g. taxation or interest rates determined by banks and other institutions.

Not money but efforts and real wealth must matter in the economy and in political decisions regarding production, import and export of goods and services.

Persons in the future will care about real wealth:
Persons in the future will regret and condemn:

No debt based economy

Banks are paid to create money (Banking 101, Libor lie).
Banks and their debt money (bet money, bad money) and their bank secrets are only harmful to a society.

There is no good reason why the activity of banks deserves the savings and debts of persons.
Instead persons should determine investment and production by buying and pre-ordering goods and services.

Banks should only serve as private investors.

Private companies must never be politically important.
Private companies must never be systemically important.
Private companies must never be too big to fail.

No taxation

No taxes.

Instead the money provider offers money under certain conditions.

Classic taxation systems should be abandoned because:
Richard Wolff on tax cuts (for the rich) and tariffs (2018-04).

What if money is wasted ?

Wasted money is not a problem in a sane economy without debt and without poverty.

Wasted money is a real problem in an insane economy with banks, debt and poverty.
Bankruptcy means harm and poverty.
The bad effects of a bankruptcy spread in the economy and lead to further harm and poverty in addition to the wasted efforts and wealth in the past.

What if efforts and wealth are wasted ?

This is a real problem in every economy.

But the current economic system based on: is particularly bad and fragile.

It does not lead to efficient behavior as proven by world hunger, waste of food, consumption of animal products, waste of antibiotics for animal products and quotaism (e.g. milk quota, doctor quota).

It does not lead to sustainable behavior as proven by economic crises and ecological crises.

It leads to anxious greedy behavior to sell as much as possible and as expensive as possible even if it means wasting money, efforts and wealth because of:

What if basic goods and services were guaranteed ?

Safe lives and safe employment and easy individual workloads that become easier as automation increases.

Competition for work and economically enforced unemployment are only possible in an insane society.

Political decisions determine what is a basic good and a basic service.

If companies can not provide affordable basic goods and services then the government should provide them.
Political decisions are the only reasons for poverty in 2018.

Scarcity of basic goods and basic services are caused by greed and bad management and bad political decisions that allow and promote it.

Examples of reasons that lead to local scarcity of basic goods:
Examples of reasons that lead to local scarcity of basic services:

What if non-basic goods and services required no important risk ?

Investment by persons:
Even a failure is useful because any reasonable effort leads to new wealth and knowledge and abilities that can be shared and used for later efforts if not forbidden as intellectual property or hidden as bad secret.

No gold

Gold is bad money because it is not easily controlled to provide adequate quantities of money for persons and markets.

Political decisions and real wealth must matter.
Not money (gold) and debt.

No money gold

E.g. the Euro.
The Euro is used like gold.

No digital gold

E.g. Bitcoin.
Besides, Bitcoin is a particularly bad currency because mining and transactions are prohibitively slow and inefficient by design. Bitcoin wastes hardware and electricity.