last update: 2020 01 14

Table of contents.

  1. Directive of the Lustysociety.
  2. Index of the website.
  3. About the founder.

Directive of the Lustysociety.

Meaning of lusty: Lusty.

Meaning of society: Society.

A member of the Lustysociety is a person who lives according to the directive of the Lustysociety.

The directive of the Lustysociety is to try to increase pleasure and decrease displeasure in the world in the future according to these preferences:
Isolation is the dream-killer, not your attitude | Barbara Sher | TEDxPrague (2016-01-06).

Index of the website.

  1. ability
  2. ai
  3. alien
  4. automation
  5. climate
  6. deep state
  7. diet
  8. election
  9. evil
  10. evolution
  11. existence
  12. help
  13. lusty
  14. money
  15. personality
  16. politics
  17. privacy
  18. property
  19. rich
  20. school
  21. society
  22. transhuman
  23. work

About the founder.

I live in Belgium and I was born in Belgium in 1979.
I have founded the Lustysociety in early 2017.
This website is meant to present and to define and to explain and to promote the Lustysociety.
This website will remain under my personal control.
Every person of the Lustysociety determines the reality of the Lustysociety by personal preferences and wishes and deeds.
This is good and inevitable.
Still, the preferences and wishes of the persons of this society should align to prevent the death of the Lustysociety by chaos.