last update: 2019 05 02


The topic of aliens has its own page because:
Maybe aliens will have a big impact on the evolution of humans in the future. Maybe not.
Nobody knows what aliens would think if aliens were visiting Earth.

There are only 2 explanations for the reports available in 2018: Either all reports are misleading or at least one alien or alien thing was seen.

Anyway, scientists do not know very much about reality.

Article: UFOs Invading Military Airspace Multiple Times Per Month, but Public Won’t Be Told More (2019-05-02).
HN: UFOs invading military airspace multiple times a month, but public won't be told (2019-05-02).
UFO Conference - National Press Club 2007 (2009-12-12).

UFOs and The Military Elite (Movie from 2010 AFAIK).

Space industry CEO Robert Bigelow says aliens visit Earth (2017-06-03).

MUFON Director Jan Harzan on ET, reality and our future with Ron James on Bigger Questions (2018-07-17).

To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science

To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science on youtube.

I do not trust them.

Is Tom Delonge "Out Of His Mind"? (2017-12-15).

This video does not present anything valuable.
No facts at all.
Why is there no clear and open inventory presented on their website ?
Why wasting time and efforts with secrecy ?

Tucker Carlson Luis Elizondo UFO DECLASSIFIED 2018 (2018-03-12).
Luis Elizondo about the origin of aliens. (2018-04-242).
Luis Elizondo MUFON Symposium July 29 - 2018 (2018-08-05).