last update: 2019 01 08


The topic of aliens has its own page because:
Maybe aliens will have a big impact on the evolution of humans in the future. Maybe not.
If aliens were visiting Earth, nobody knows what they would be thinking.

There are only 2 explanations for the reports available in 2018: Either all reports are misleading or at least one alien or alien thing was seen.

Anyway, scientists do not know very much about reality.

UFOs and The Military Elite (Movie from 2010 AFAIK).

Space industry CEO Robert Bigelow says aliens visit Earth (2017-06-03).

MUFON Director Jan Harzan on ET, reality and our future with Ron James on Bigger Questions (2018-07-17).

To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science

To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science on youtube.

I do not trust them.

Is Tom Delonge "Out Of His Mind"? (2017-12-15).

This video does not present anything valuable.
No facts at all.
Why is there no clear and open inventory presented on their website ?
Why wasting time and efforts with secrecy ?

Tucker Carlson Luis Elizondo UFO DECLASSIFIED 2018 (2018-03-12).
Luis Elizondo about the origin of aliens. (2018-04-242).
Luis Elizondo MUFON Symposium July 29 - 2018 (2018-08-05).