last update: 2018 06 23

Good ethics and morality

Good ethics and good morality promote a lusty life for every one.

Good ethics and good morality promote cooperation.

Good ethics and good morality prevent competition.

Examples of competition and deficient morality and deficient empathy:

Artificial intelligence

Replacing human weapons and human targets by non-human weapons and non-human targets would be good if safe and possible.

But AI can be unpredictable.

IMO a good future is only possible if:


This section shows the insanity of what most voters and their elected politicians call a sane world.

No government in the world respects and guarantees human rights in 2018.

Especially not regarding:
Most government officials lie by claiming they would respect and guarantee human rights.

Instead they promote politics and culture that glorify competition, domination, obedience, sacrifices, weapons, destruction, murder and lies:
Study: Most Students Cannot Distinguish Fake and Real News.

The past and present show that the democratic majority, governments, companies and many experts must not be trusted to have good intentions, to have good knowledge, to make good decisions.

Proven lies



Mandatory taxes or fees for public broadcasting that is always a controlled program (propaganda) to promote and to consolidate certain facts, beliefs, opinions, thought reflexes, interests, traditions, ethics, morality.

Examples of propaganda and censorship:
In a good way, the website of Julia Reda is interesting with regard to EU politics.
E.g. 2018-06-06: What’s really behind the EU law that would “ban memes” – and how to stop it before June 20.


Tolerance of poverty is a bad tradition in 2018.
Tolerance of poverty indicates deficient morality in 2018.

Lack of basic wealth like: is the result of greed, competition, negligence, corruption, wars, waste of wealth.

Starbucks Billionaire: You Can’t Have Healthcare Or College (2018-06-08).
Amazon & Bezos Screw Homeless In Seattle (2018-06-14).
~201~ Nestlé Horrors, Defense Dept Censors Its Crimes, and More (2018-06-22).

Poverty is a political decision.
An expert at the UN has a similar opinion. UN report on extreme poverty in the USA.
Unfortunately poverty is not considered as a problem to solve by most voters and elected politicians.

Surprisingly many persons and elected politicians justify and defend or at least tolerate poverty and austerity and military expenditures for destruction of wealth and health of other persons.

No wish, no urge to cooperate.
Instead greed and competition on every social and economic level is considered natural, healthy, reasonable, beneficial for the individual, the society and all humanity.
Wealth is wasted for organizations and legal measures to ensure:
Consequences of poverty and deficient morality and deficient empathy:

Bad secrets

Bad secrets are still kept and defended by most people for various reasons.

Bad traditions

Bad traditions are still kept and defended by most people for various reasons.

Intellectual property

The concept of intellectual property is only insane and harmful.

There is no justification except either stupidity or arrogance and greed in an insane society.

Everyone would benefit from free knowledge in a sane society.

Holocene extinction

The Holocene extinction is either ignored or presented as inevitable fate by politicians and their voters.
The reasons for the holocene extinction:

Subsidies for fossil fuel

Annual global fossil fuel subsidies amounting to $5.3 trillion in 2015 (6.5% of global GDP).
Details for Europe.

According to the Global Carbon Atlas:
36 183 million metric tons of CO2 emissions in 2016.

According to estimates in 2018 by Carbon Engineering and Climeworks:
At a cost of $ 600 per metric ton of CO2, the capture of the emissions of 2016 (36 183 million metric tons) costs $ 21 710 billion or $ 21.7 trillion.

At a cost of $ 100 per metric ton of CO2, the capture of the emissions of 2016 (36 183 million metric tons) costs $ 3 618 billion or $ 3.6 trillion.

Of course there is already too much CO2 in the air. Just recycling the CO2 is not a complete solution.
Of course recycled CO2 should fuel batteries and fuel cells and not combustion engines.
E.g. in the form of methane, ethylene or ethanol.

Why subsidies for fossil fuel ?
Why sanctions and wars to enforce certain states to sell cheaply fossil fuel and other natural resources as still tradable products ?

The harm of climate change and pollution regarding physical destruction is measured in billions per year.
The harm of climate change and pollution regarding humans, animals, other living beings is unfathomable.

Exposure to asbestos

Asbestos is still used in many products without technical need because of greedy careless companies and conservative careless politicians.

More than 10 000 people die every year in the USA because of asbestos.

Exposure to lead

Poisoning with lead might result in about 400 000 deaths per year in the USA.

Politics against automation

Politics against automation:
Competition between humans and machines is not reasonable.
Taxes are not reasonable.
A reasonable solution for the near future is a universal money income.

Automation should be subsidized and not delayed.
The end of wage slavery should be subsidized and not delayed.

Competition for work is only possible in an insane society.

The persons, who are frightened by the end of hard work, should be happy to keep their job in order to work hard for jobless people, who do not compete for a job position in return.

IMO most persons do not fear the end of hard work but being without money in a society based on wage slavery.
To assume that many persons fear the end of hard work is insane and insulting to poor persons, inapt persons and all other persons who are forced to work hard for money for survival.
Hard work is not a phrase to be used carelessly by ignorant politicians.


No wish, no urge to achieve indefinite lifespan for humans.
Instead aging, weakness, death are not considered as problems to solve.
Many billions per year are spent to manage harm related to aging and nutrition.
Billions per year are spent for care of the elderly.
Yet organizations like sens or leafscience lack money.

Animal products

A murder of a sentient being is a murder of a sentient being. No matter if human or not.

~186~ Our National Torture Industry.

Deadly waste of effective antibiotics.

Fish and meat of animals for food should be prohibited for medical, ethical, ecological and economic reasons.
Societies could care for farm animals until they can be killed in a painless way.
Some areas could be reserved as parks for farm animals and human visitors.
This option is still much cheaper than to continue the current cruel harmful insane business.

Most people ignore and/or tolerate and/or protect cruelty and murder of animals for food, money, science and personal entertainment and curiosity.
E.g. AETA in the USA.

Fortunately there seems to be improvement in the UK.
Unfortunately the UK government 2017 voted that animals are not sentient and thus have no emotions or feelings.
Fortunately the UK government 2017 changed the decision.

AFAIK no scientist in 2017 has a (or the) useful definition of physical space and mental space.
There have been organs on a chip for some years and recently bodies on a chip as of 2018.
Yet animal testing has not yet been forbidden.

Funding of creation of dangerous diseases

US lifted ban to fund virus creation in December 2017.
The lift will encourage other countries to create diseases.
This is pure insanity.
Any scientist in favor of such useless insane research can not be trusted.
Some scientist can have or get the intention to harm.

Management of microbes can not be trusted.
Anthrax incident in Atlanta, USA in 2014.
Smallpox incident in Maryland, USA in 2014.
From the video DEF CON 25 - John Sotos - Genetic Diseases to Guide Digital Hacks of the Human Genome: Reintroduction of the H1 flu virus in 1977. Maybe from a Russian or Chinese laboratory. Unfortunately the speaker and respected expert is in favor of pre-emptive bio-hacking and against the publishing of the genome of all humans.

Every sane person knows that a deadly failure because of: is always a matter of time.

Maybe a virus can be contained for many years.
Can knowledge and abilities be contained ? No.
Should knowledge and abilities be contained ? No.

Money should be spent on creating and distributing cures and not on creating and containing diseases.
Much suffering could be prevented and removed by creating and distributing known drugs, known essential nutrients, known food.

How many unpredictable or defenseless modifications are possible to create harm ?
There is probably no practical limitation.

There is no good reason why horrible microbes should be created and tested on sentient beings (test animals).

Another interesting video: Unfit for the Future: The Urgent Need for Moral Bioenhancement - Julian Savulescu.

IMO the soonest, cheapest and safest protection against microbes and any other bio-chemical problems is the replacement of biological body parts by machine body parts.

The police as harmful organization

There are too many cases where persons are raided, terrorized, stolen from, harmed, hurt or murdered by the police.

Examples from the USA, the richest poor republic of the world:

Cold war against Russia (2017, 2018)

Economic sanctions harm Russia and the rest of the world.
So called western politicians and media fight a propaganda war against Russia in general and against Putin in particular.
Insulting hostile rhetoric against Russia but no proof of any misdeed or harmful authority on international level except for the usual murder of civilians by the military.

Protection of prison state North Korea

Insane tolerance of prison state North Korea for decades where the government:
A prison state must be destroyed as soon as possible.
This is a moral requirement.

A prison state with weapons of mass destruction must be destroyed as soon as possible.
This is required for security.

The weapons of North Korea become more capable.
Technical abilities after 2030 create new concerns.
The government could control persons by implants and modern weapons.
Age and other changes (drugs, genetic engineering, implants) might make North Korean military leaders insane and start attacks with chemical weapons, biological weapons, nuclear weapons and/or artificial intelligence weapons.

It would be better, safer and cheaper for the world if the world united to destroy the prison state North Korea as soon as possible.

Sanctions and talks alone are not enough.
They hurt and kill the poorest part of the population. Like in Iraq.

The destruction of prison state North Korea can be done safely and cheaply:

Alliance of war criminals

The events in late 2017 (notably November) regarding Saudi Arabia and:
It is clear that 9/11 was a joint effort of Saudi Arabia, Israel, USA and NATO allies to begin another important change of the Arab world or at least the Middle East.


The motivations of the USA are not clear except for serving Israelian interests and PNAC and FPI.


NATO member states

Notably England and France as historic powers in the Arab World.

The motivations of the european governments are not clear except for serving Israelian interests and being selfish and defending the Old World Order and the interests of the wealthy and powerful organizations.


The motivation of Israel is Greater Israel.
Maybe even friendly reliable rich neighbours in the 21st century are a goal despite the problems that peace and friendship would mean for the current government.
Being considered as special, chosen by God, hated and persecuted is part of a jewish identity cult.
Israeli chief rabbi.
Censorship in Israel.
Nikki Haley & Ayelet Shaked EXPOSED. Another link to Nikki Haley & Ayelet Shaked EXPOSED.
2014-07-10: Israeli Politician Calls For Genocide Of Palestinians.
2015-11-16: Caution: Disturbing scenes: Jewish-American on Israel's Fascism: "No Hope For Change From Within".
2017-11-09: Israelian Journalist David Sheen speaks out.
2018-06-07: [113] Israel Can Do No Wrong w/ Max Blumenthal & Dan Cohen.

Saudi Arabia

UN 2015.
French honor 2016.
UN 2016.
UN 2017.
War, famine and cholera epidemic in Yemen 2017.

The motivation of the Saudi Arabian king and prince in 2017 might be: in the 21st century.
Saudi Vision 2030 and in particular NEOM seems to advertise a good modern life with no particular religious culture, no petrodollar and hopefully no police state.
There will be no democracy at first.

Spread of Wahhabism was done at request of West during Cold War – Saudi crown prince (March 2018).


Why using a strategy that involves air strikes by NATO member states and mercenaries and islamic terrorists on the ground ?
I guess the aggressors tried and still try to destroy governments in a way:
The army is an organization that is paid to do the job (murder, terror, destruction) without questions and without hesitations.

Proven conspiracies

U.S. Government Human Experiments.
7 confirmed false flags.
When presidents lie to make a war. Vietnam war.

The documents regarding JFK are still not released in 2017.

Use of lies, media, secret services, military to harm persons in Europe.


The Iraq War - TOTAL LIES and TOTAL PROOF - Part 1.

Former NIST employee speaks out.

A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7
The related video: University Study Finds WTC7 Did Not Collapse Due To “Fires”.

Why did NIST even study the collapse of WTC 7 and claimed that fire made it collapse ?
Larry Silverstein: WTC 7 "Pull It" from 2002 Interview.
Alleged CIA Agent Confesses. Maybe the story is false but some experts prepared the controlled demolition.

WTC 7 collapsed in free fall into its footprint because of a controlled demolition prepared weeks or months in advance.
The Twin Towers WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed in free fall into their footprints only a few hours earlier.
Were these towers prepared to collapse as and when they did ? Of course.

September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money: The Pentagon's missing trillions.
Besides: Dr. Mark Skidmore – $21 Trillion Missing from US Federal Budget (2017-12-02).
9/11 Suspects: The dancing Israelis.
USA, Afghanistan, opium.
Hillary Clinton on Al-Qaeda.
Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan.
General Wesley Clark about an alleged memo to take out 7 Countries In 5 Years.

Israel confirms attacking Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007 (2018-03-21).

Netanyahu wanted IDF to prepare for Iran strike on 15-day notice in 2011 – ex-Mossad chief (2018-05-31).

US ignites cyber warfare through Stuxnet (2012).

CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran in 1988 (2013-08-26).

Destruction of Lybia (2016-03-19).
Libya: The true face of ‘humanitarian intervention’ (2018-03-20).
~193~ Central Banking Rules All, DNC Unveils Conspiracy Lawsuit, & More (2018-04-27).

CIA activities in Syria.
The Arab spring and the war in Syria.
Efforts to destroy Syria.
Oscar for "The White Helmets".
Some sequences from interviews with the Syrian president.

US Vice President Joe Biden Apologises After Calling Sunni Allies 'Largest Problem in Syria' (2014-10-06).

On 2018-04-08: John Bolton, Donald Trump and The Mob.
On 2018-04-09: John Bolton becomes the 27th United States National Security Advisor.
On 2018-04-12: Keine einzige Leiche: Giftgasangriff in Douma inszeniert. And Prof. Günter Meyer über Israel und Weißhelme. And Alle Chemiewaffeneinsätze in Syrien unter falscher Flagge.
On 2018-04-14: Caught in a lie, US and allies bomb Syria the night before international inspectors arrive.
On 2018-04-16: No release of chemicals is best proof there were none.
On 2018-04-16: Moscow has ‘irrefutable’ evidence chem attack in Syria’s Douma was staged.
On 2018-04-17: 'Oxygen starvation, not gas’: Veteran UK reporter Fisk doubts MSM narrative on Douma ‘chem attack’.
On 2018-06-02: Syrian civilians from ground zero expose chemical hoax.

US warns against attacking its troops after Assad says they’ll leave Syria ‘one way or another' (2018-06-01).

No outrage by so called western democracies, media, politicians regarding: