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The Industrial Revolution began in Europe in the late 18th century.
In 1856, Gregor Mendel began his work on inherited traits as a Catholic monk in a monastery.
In 1859, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species.
In 1927, Nikolai Koltsov proposed that inherited traits would be inherited via a "giant hereditary molecule".
In 1953, the first transistor computer became operational.
In 1958, Francis Crick stated the central dogma of molecular biology.
Definition: Dogma.
In the 1990s began the open source software revolution.
In the 2000s began the social media revolution with the web.
In 2015, a revolution began in genetic engineering with CRISPR/Cas9 related technologies.
In 2017, a women received a bionic hand with sense of touch.
In 2018, the open source hardware revolution might have begun.

In 2018, paper jam in printers is still a problem.

Some problems are more difficult than others.
Some solutions are more profitable than others.
Some efforts are more supported than others.

DNA scientist James Watson stripped of honors over views on race (2019-1-13).
Biology of Belief - by Bruce Lipton (full documentary) (2005) (2012-4-16).

The Biology of Belief - Dr. Bruce Lipton - The follow up (full documentary) (2013-7-31).
Time 673.

What Bodies Think About: Bioelectric Computation Outside the Nervous System - NeurIPS 2018 (2018-12-05).

The following estimated timeline corresponds to what I think is possible if the timeline was the goal of all societies on Earth.

I expect the timeline to be 5 to 25 years too early.

2020 - 2030

Increase of automation and machine abilities.

Change of best practices and expected practices:
Increase of observation by machines.
Increase of knowledge of any kind.
Increase of tolerance and safety.

Better ways to produce food:
Food will have optimal quality and optimal content of nutrients and interesting tastes and no allergens and no toxins.
Food will be produced in some kind of containers for various reasons like e.g.
Various organizations become alternatives to classic companies regarding the making of goods and provision of services.

Begin of unknown lifespans for most persons: Death statistics are useless to deduce a death probability.

Increase of efforts to understand the brain and the relation between physical awareness and mental awareness.

Increase of improvements of living biological body parts:
Increase of machine persons:
Increase of the human population living in large efficient cities.
Decrease of the human population living in smaller cities.
Short distances to many other persons has many personal and social and technical and practical benefits.

2030 - 2040

Most or all food is vegan food because of better taste and ecological and economic and ethical and medical reasons.

Wage slavery ends for all persons because of automation of most work for goods and services related to survival:
Use and property of land and water changes in some, many or most countries.
It has already happened in in New Zealand in 2017 although not with private property.

The end of evil privacy will happen this decade.

2040 - 2050

The number of natural humans might decrease from now on.

Why keep natural sex organs when genetic engineering, breeding machines and machine body parts are normal and better ?

Change in Mother’s Mental State Can Influence Her Baby’s Development Before and After Birth (2011-11-09).
Unfit for the Future: The Urgent Need for Moral Bioenhancement - Julian Savulescu (Recorded: 2017-05).

Reddit: The first dexterous and sentient hand prosthesis has been successfully implanted - titanium implants were placed in the two forearm bones from which electrodes to nerves and muscle were extended to extract signals to control a robotic hand and to provide tactile sensations. (2019-02-06).

Reddit: Sometimes I fantasize about peeling off my breasts and storing them away until I need them. (2019-02-01).
Anti-aging procedures and most medical procedures will be surgical procedures:
Ship of Theseus.

Change means death of what was.

Eventually the human brain will be part of a world that is determined by knowledge, abilities and decisions of machines.
The human brain will be used as generator or trigger or processor of mental experiences.

Of course this scenario must be avoided: I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (1967-03).

Artificial intelligence

It is impossible to predict how quickly machine abilities (artificial intelligence, AI) will increase and what abilities will be created.

There are different constraints:
Classic states protecting or stealing natural resources are not acceptable in a world with super intelligence.

The change from "my family, my country" to "one humanity, one world" is required for a good future with AI. AI will happen anyway.

My opinion about property.

'Whoever leads in AI will rule the world’: Putin to Russian children on Knowledge Day (2017-09-01).

America Has Been at War 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776 (2015-02-20).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after the death of John McCain on twitter (2018-08-25).
Hillary & Bernie Blow Smoke Up McCain's A** After Death (2018-08-27).
The following videos are very informative but show horrible scenes including some victims of war.
Trump is Expanding the US Empire (2019-01-11).
Trump's Syria Deception (2019-01-11).
Democrats Praise War Criminal Mattis (2019-01-19).
Again, the POTUS and the US government and US democratic majority have been proven to be evil and a scourge for the world.

Slaughterbots (still fiction in 2017) (2017-11-13).

U.S. Military Is Building Smarter Robots and Thinks Insects Might Be Key to New Artificial Intelligence (2019-1-14).

US Navy moves toward unleashing killer robot ships on the world’s oceans (2019-1-15).

Army Looking at AI-Controlled Weapons to Counter Enemy Fire (2019-1-10).
3D Printing An Entire Rocket (2019-1-14).