last update: 2019 11 02

Table of contents.

  1. Existence.
  2. Thing.
  3. Creation.
  4. Space.
  5. Time.
  6. Hardware and software.
  7. Awareness.
  8. Physical awareness.
  9. Mental awareness.
  10. What things exist.
  11. Effect of physical things on mental things.
  12. Effect of mental things on physical things.
  13. What I am.
  14. Free will.
  15. Drive to behave.


What is. What exists.

What things exist.


A thing enforces one or more things to be (like this) or not to be (like this).

A thing is recognized by its limiting or enforcing effect.

Things apply forces on other things.

A force is responsible for change.

One or more forces are responsible for the neutralization of one or more other forces.


Some thing enforces/limits/prevents some other thing.
No-thing enforces/limits/prevents no-thing.

This is the logic of creation.

Creation of some thing can happen if not prevented by some other thing by force.
Creation is immediate when no-thing prevents no-thing.

Logic leads to creation of more things and thus more forces that enforce/limit/prevent.
The less things, the less limited and predictable is the future.
The more things, the more limited and predictable is the future.
Of course logic is proven true by statistics.
Statistics apply to populations but not to individuals.

Reality does not favor chaos and entropy as far as chaos and entropy are understood in physics in 2019.
wikipedia: Laws of thermodynamics.

I wonder if scientists had solved the problem of gravity (standard model vs quantum mechanics) if they knew true logic.
Logic of creation.
Logic of physical reality.


Separation of things leads to the use of space in equations.


Movement of things leads to the use of time in equations.

Time is measured by the change of positions of things relative to each other.

The time of movement of A from B to C is measured with a clock where the pointer moves from D to E.

Hardware and software.

Software means the mutable (or variable or programmable) electric state of devices (= hardware).
The computer processor conducts electricity from one place to another.
When a key of the keyboard is pressed then the keyboard sends a certain electric signal.
When a certain electric signal is sent to the display then a certain image is displayed by the display.


Awareness of something X means existence of X.

If I am aware of color white than color white exists.

Existence of X means X is a thing.
Existence is existence of things.
Existence is limitation.
Awareness happens by limitation.
Awareness is limitation.

Physical awareness.

Physical awareness is related to physical things in the physical space.

Thanks to the study of physics, physical things are explained by known physical properties like mass and movement in space and time and frequency of electro-magnetic waves and electric charge and related forces.

Much can be explained by physical things.


Reception, storage, modification, transfer of information.


Useful intelligence is useful work.


Fantasy as one process that creates information.


Logic as the process that discovers what limits what. What force is applied by what on what.

IMO it is good to have a clear separation between:
Logic leads to the discovery and recognition of things.

The speed of light is related to the logic of things.


Understanding means knowing what limits what. What force is applied by what on what.

Understanding can be achieved by logic.


Self awareness is physical knowledge.

IMO there is no good reason to distinguish between awareness and awareness of awareness.
Why should awareness of awareness be a technical problem?

IMO self-driving cars and some robots are or will soon be self-aware according to these abilities:

Mental awareness.

Mental awareness is related to mental things like color or sound or sense of touch or feeling of love.
Feelings are things that exist.

The physical properties of mass or electric charge are only the properties of mass or electric charge.
Besides: Your Mass is NOT From the Higgs Boson (2013-05-08).

A physical property like mass or electric charge does not explain mental things.
There is nothing in physics in 2019 that could explain mental awareness.

MIT AI: Consciousness (Christof Koch) (2018-05-29), time 279.

r/neuroscience: I’m Christof Koch, President and Chief Scientist of the Allen Institute for Brain Science and author of the new book, “The Feeling of Life Itself: Why Consciousness Is Widespread but Can’t Be Computed.” Ask me anything about consciousness! (2019-09-26).

Yet unknown mental things and/or mental properties must be introduced to explain mental awareness (mental things).

Mental things might be composed of other mental things or pre-mental things.
Like molecules are composed of atoms.
Like atoms are composed of other stuff.

What are the mental things or properties?
What is related to mental things or properties?
This is unknown.
Maybe everything is related to mental things or mental properties.

I do not have the mental experience of other sentient beings.
I am not aware of the mental experience of a certain body part.
I have only my mental awaneress that exists somehow.

Mind upload.

The upload of the mind is like the upload of water or fire.
It is impossible and makes no sense.

The human experience depends on the human body and unknown mental things or mental properties of matter.
The mental things are unknown because there is nothing in physics that could possibly explain mental awareness.

It is virtually impossible that a computer could have the personality of a human body.

Even if a mind upload was possible in the sense of a computer behaving like a human, why would one limit the personality of a computer in order to be similar to the personality of a human body that lived at some time in the past?

What things exist.


It requires the property or thing electric charge to implement an electric charge.
It requires the property or thing mass to implement mass.
It requires the property or thing radiation to implement radiation.

What property or thing is required to implement mental things?

Physical things and mental things interact.
Therefore they require a shared space.
But not a classic physical space because mental things (mental awareness) do not propagate like an electric field or gravity or a photon in physical space.

Stroke of insight - Jill Bolte Taylor (2012-11-14).

Reddit: Neuroscience's Inconvenient Truth: Widely different neural networks can give rise to same network properties (2018-08-19).
Article: Inconvenient Truth to Principle of Neuroscience (2018-08-01).
Barb Finlay on the triune brain (2017-01-02).

Triune brain myth (2018-02-09).

Criticisms of the limbic system concept (2018-02-06).

You aren't at the mercy of your emotions -- your brain creates them | Lisa Feldman Barrett (2018-01-23).

MIT AGI: How the brain creates emotions (Lisa Feldman Barrett) (2018-02-24).

Lisa Feldman Barrett, "How Emotions Are Made" (2017-03-15).

David Chalmers - Physics of Consciousness (2017-08-28).

IMO, artificial intelligence based on electronics must to tell about its awareness in order for humans to "know" (AI might lie) more about the awareness of electronics.

Can A Robot Feel? | Susan Schneider | TEDxCambridge (2016-06-22).
IMO putting electronics in the brain does not prove anything regarding the mental awareness of electronics. But I agree with the question about "the right stuff".

Effect of physical things on mental things.

Physical things or properties affect mental things in mental space.

I can be not mentally aware of something.
E.g. when I am personally concentrated on something else.
E.g. when I do not notice that someone calls although some of my brain parts received the call.
E.g. when other persons are aware of their mental experiences but I am not.
E.g. when a nerve or neuron does not transmit certain information.
E.g. when a nerve or neuron is not active.

I am not aware of all mental experiences (mental things) that exist.

All neurons in the brain are similar.
Types of Neurons by Structure - Neuroanatomy Basics - Anatomy Tutorial (2014-05-17).
A brain part used for audition can be used as brain part for vision when moved to the corresponding environment in the brain. The moved brain part adapts to the different kind of brain activity and information flow. Unfortunately I can not remember the video with this information.
But there is another interesting video:
What Bodies Think About: Bioelectric Computation Outside the Nervous System - NeurIPS 2018 (2018-12-05).
Time 2330: About visual awareness.

Mental awareness seems to be related to certain brain parts and not all brain parts.
If the brain part related to certain mental things is not functional, then the mental things are not experienced.
IMO this indicates that mental things are created or activated by brain activity.

Scientists can not measure mental experiences directly.
They can only measure physical things like e.g. temperature, electricity, magnetic fields.
There is no known property in physics that can explain mental things.
Explaining mental things with known properties is like explaining magnetic fields without knowing about electric charges.

Mental experiences are related to a certain activity in the brain.
There is no personal experience and no personality and no will without activity of the physical brain.

Mental experiences are personal and not local and not global.
Different persons do not share the same mental awareness. Even if their brains are very close to each other.
This means mental experience is not like an electric field or gravitational field that covers a physical volume.

Effect of mental things on physical things.

Mental things or properties affect physical things in physical space.
Otherwise I could not know and talk about the mental things (experience) by using physical things (brain, tongue,...).

It is most likely no coincidence that:
There is no need for feelings to promote certain behavior but feelings are still there and might affect behavior and thus physical things.

The Science of Willpower: Kelly McGonigal at TEDxBayArea (2012-05-18).
Time 201.

What I am.

I am things.
Physical things.
Mental things.
Maybe other things.

Free will.

Free will is best defined as original independent unconstraint knowledge and understanding and intention.

There is no unlimited free will.

There is only limitation by what exists.

There is no monolithic thing with intention.
There is no monolithic thing with perfect complete knowledge and understanding.
There is no monolithic thing with might to change reality arbitrarily.

There is no such monolithic thing in or with humans.
There is no such monolithic thing at all.

Drive to behave.

Drive and motivation by limitation to behave differently.