last update: 2018 09 24

How to have a lusty life

The following advices are VERY IMPORTANT.

Recognize what is good and what is important by rational intelligence.

Do what is useful.

Do not care (too much) about temporary feelings.

Have a healthy diet.

Have enough good sleep.

The brain tends to repeat thoughts and feelings. As habit.
You can change the habit over time by repeating other thoughts and actions and feelings.

Make good actions and interactions.
Have enough variation for your body and your mind per hour, per day, per week, per month, per year.
Avoid too much monotony, isolation and loneliness.
Friends, action and healthy strain are important and healthy.
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Have good expections to have a good life.
Have pleasant thoughts and feelings to have a pleasant life.
Much can change.
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Be gentle to yourself.
Be gentle to other persons and animals.

Allow good actions.

Allow pleasant thoughts and feelings.
Even if not related to any fact or merit.
Have pleasant thoughts and feelings for what you do and should do.

Surrender unpleasant thoughts and feelings.
Even if not related to any fact or merit.

Ask for help when you need help.

How to do easily at will

How to have a lusty life.

Do what is useful.

Do not care (too much) about temporary feelings.

Do not hold on the misery of ambition, demands, pride, doubt, fear, weakness, fatigue, laziness, inhibition, procrastination.

Let go.
Allow yourself do what is good and important.
Allow yourself to feel good because of it.

Find pleasure in doing what is useful.

Your body is not too tired or too weak to do something.
Wrong fatigue is because of chemistry in your body.
Improve your chemistry by good actions.

Make the easiest action that is useful.

Ask for help when you need help.

How to sleep

Your only task is to have good healthy pleasant sleep now. Nothing else. Calm freedom.
No work.
No worry.
No hurry.

If necessary, mute and surrender your rational intelligent thoughts and worries.
Until you sleep.

If you suffer from anxiety or panic then abandoning the bad feeling at will might not be possible.
But you can mute and surrender your rational intelligent thoughts and worries.
Until you sleep.

Ask for help when you need help.

Maybe useful

No action or fact or situation is inherently pleasant or unpleasant.

Have things (including persons) that make you happy and thankful and motivated to live your day.

Train to do well by doing well. Good actions replace bad actions.

Train to think well by thinking well. Good thoughts replace bad thoughts.

Train to feel well by feeling well. Good feelings replace bad feelings.

Solve your problems.
Remove the facts that make you miserable.
Surrender your thoughts or judgements that make you miserable.
Surrender hurry that makes you miserable.

Remove doubt by accepting reasonable facts and decisions.
Do not let perfectionism harm you.
Keep things quick and simple.
It can be easier to improve by advancing than by standing still.
It can be easier to improve by learning than by imagination.
It can be easier to improve by trying than by failing without trying.

Allow action and discipline and good feelings.
Your body is there to live.

Your body (brain, muscles, skeleton, immune system,...) needs to be used and strained to remain strong and healthy.
Your rational will (created by your brain) needs to used and strained to remain strong and healthy.
Activity in the real world is important.


General health

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Health of the eyes

Are our eyes getting worse? - The myopia boom | DW Documentary (2018-09-12).
Enough blue light from sunlight is necessary for a healthy development of the eyes.

How Blue Light Could Damage Cells In Your Eyes (2018-08-11).
Eat enough vitamin E to protect your eyes.


Ask other persons for help. This is always the best approach to solve a problem.
More persons have more knowledge, more experience, more understanding, more intelligence, more means to help.

Ask your friends.

Ask helpful organizations like the lustysociety.

Ask scientific experts for help in special cases.
Ask specialized help services. But do NOT ask the police in case of intoxication or addiction.
Ask psychologists.
Ask medical doctors.

Do not use drugs to try to solve your problems on your own.
Do not consult dubious healers.
Do not consult sects or related organizations. E.g. Narconon.


Drugs not in the sense of medicine prescribed by a medical expert.

Ask for help if you need help.

Use only the drugs prescribed by a scientific medical expert.
Even then, be careful and inform yourself.
E.g. an alleged report of an unfortunate detrimental use of ketamine.

Do NOT try drugs on your own.
Not for fun.
Especially not to solve problems.

More Americans report near-constant cannabis use (2018-08-20).

Quotes from a postdoctoral researcher about psilocybin: Similar quotes from experts about psychedelics: Reports from users of psychedelics:
A bad trip because of intoxication by psychedelics can be like an unescapable intense fever dream while being awake.
It can become worse by triggering a panic attack that might persist for the duration of the trip (several hours) and that might trigger an anxiety disorder or panic disorder.

Psychedelics can lead to false beliefs and psychosis.

The short time of: is not worth the use of drugs.

Do not underestimate the effect of bio-chemistry: