last update: 2019 05 09


Ask other persons for help.
This is always the best approach to solve any problem.
More persons have more knowledge, more experience, more understanding, more intelligence, more means to help.

You want to do something ? Then ask experts for help.

Much can change. For better or worse.

Drugs alone are not always good help.

Suicide as death of your body is not a good way to change.
An attempt of suicide will make your constraints worse with over 90% probability.
Suicide: How my failed attempts became my biggest success | Shraddha Shankar | TEDxUIUC (2016-05-25), time 426.
Example: Historic face transplant gives suicide survivor a 'second chance' (2018-08-15).

Ask your friends.

Ask helpful organizations like the lustysociety.

Ask scientific experts when you need them.
Ask specialized help services. But do not ask the police in case of intoxication or addiction.
Ask psychologists.
Ask medical doctors.

Do not consult dubious healers.
Do not consult sects or related organizations. E.g. Narconon.


Ask for help if you need help.

Use only the drugs prescribed by a scientific medical expert.
Even then, be careful and inform yourself.
Do NOT try drugs on your own.
Not for fun.
Especially not in high dosage.
Especially not to solve problems.
Set and setting.

Psychedelics are not very risky regarding your physical health including the brain.
Unless you have a bad trip with intense stress and fear that strongly affects your heart (rate) and arteries and blood pressure.

Psychedelics are very risky regarding your mental or psychological health.
Psychedelics are as "safe" as any other potentially traumatic event.

Mental problems because of drugs can last but general wellbeing is not lost permanently.
Help and healing is possible.

How philosophy can save your life | Jules Evans | TEDxBreda (2013-11-09), time 33.

Psychedelics can affect your unconscious and conscious beliefs and judgements and personality.
That is why professional scientific assistance (not a shaman) is important to guide you and to good make use of your altered brain activity; I guess like hypnosis.

More Americans report near-constant cannabis use (2018-08-20).

When Adolescents Give Up Pot, Their Cognition Quickly Improves (2018-10-30).
Smoking cannabis every day ‘shrinks brain but increases its connectivity’ (2014-11-10).
There's nothing funny about today's highly potent marijuana. It killed my son. (2019-04-28).

Quotes from a postdoctoral researcher about psilocybin:
Similar quotes from experts about psychedelics:
Among the countless reports from users of psychedelics:
A bad trip by psychedelics can be like an unescapable intense fever dream while being awake.
It can become worse by triggering a panic attack while being being under the effect of stimulating drugs that complicate thinking clearly and staying calm even more.
This can lead to PTSD and anxiety disorder or panic disorder.

The short time of: is not worth the use of drugs.

Do not underestimate the effect of bio-chemistry: