last update: 2019 01 18


to the lustysociety.

Any helpful action is welcome.

This website is meant to present and to define and to explain and to promote the lustysociety.
This website will remain under my personal control.
Every person of the lustysociety determines the reality of the lustysociety by personal preferences and wishes and deeds.
This is good and inevitable.
Still, the preferences and wishes of the persons of this society should align to prevent the death of the lustysociety by chaos.


  1. alien
  2. automation
  3. climate
  4. diet
  5. evil
  6. evolution
  7. good
  8. government
  9. help
  10. life
  11. lustyparty
  12. lustysociety
  14. money
  15. personality
  16. poverty
  17. privacy
  18. property
  19. school