last update: 2019 08 20

Lusty life.

For the lustysociety, a good life is a lusty life.

Keep your body lusty (healthy).
Do sports.
Have a healthy diet.

Keep your personality lusty (healthy).

A lusty body depends on a lusty personality.
A lusty personality depends on a lusty body.

Imagine a good life.
Then realize it.
Hopefully the lustysociety can promote you.

Live with friends and business partners.
The sooner you live with friends and business partners, the better for all.

Why Calmness Can Be Contagious (2019-07-11).
Work for success.
Success means fun and win for you and your friends.

Only rational recognition and decisions related to failure.
No distress related to failure.
No false limitations related to failure.

Do not give up too early.
Some achievements require many changes.
How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals | Stephen Duneier | TEDxTucson (2017-03-06).
The speaker is exceptionally talented. The title of the video is misleading.
The true useful advice is to advance by easy steps.

Life with an evil environment

Examples of evil environments:
Escape an evil environment ASAP.
Freedom of Escape.

Quite often the only profitable way to escape is to achieve a success that is imposed by the evil environment.
Profitable means that the benefits are greater than the costs.
In this case:
Until the lustysociety has achieved the abolition of distress and evil: