last update: 2019 04 21

Good life.

The wish of the lustysociety is a pleasant fertile life in a pleasant fertile environment for persons of the lustysociety.

Being lusty.


Not spending time and thoughts and efforts with problems and unpleasant things.
No fear. No regret. No anger.
No thinking about distress.
No doing for distress.

Spending time and thoughts and efforts with solutions and pleasant things.
Thinking about health and pleasure and profit.
Doing for health and pleasure and profit.

Being easy.


No distressing activity of the brain.

Drives of misery are typically related to self-imposed MUST BE or MUST HAVE or MUST DO or MUST NOT BE or MUST NOT HAVE or MUST NOT DO constraints.

Deeds according to decisions and not according to distress.

Thinking is rather effortless.
Remaining calm and thinking easily is good.

Good work is easy work. Certainly in a fertile lusty environment.
Not distress and misery. Except maybe in rare extreme cases.

Kelly McGonigal: How to Turn Stress Into an Advantage (2015-09-03), time 77.
Biology of Belief - by Bruce Lipton (full documentary) (2005) (2012-04-16).

No need to be perfect.

No fear because of personal failure.
No regret because of personal failure.
No anger because of personal failure.

Every person is limited.
Every person has limited intelligence.
Every person has limited capabilities.

There is no free will.

No need to be smart.

Work is enough to learn enough and to do enough.

The lustysociety promotes safety and profitable knowledge and profitable behavior.

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