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Lusty. lusty. lusty. lusty.

Lust. lust. lust.

The word lusty is used in the name lustysociety because:
The meaning of pleasant can be synonymous with lusty.
Pleasant. pleasant. pleasant. pleasant.

The meaning of sexy can be synonymous with lusty in 2019.
Sexy. sexy. sexy. sexy.

Some antonyms of lusty in different ways:

Etymology. lusty. lusty. Reconstruction: Proto-Germanic/lustuz. Reconstruction: Proto-Germanic/lausaz. Dutch/German: lustig. German: heiter. Spanish: lozano. Italian: lauto. Latin: lautus. French: envie. "en vie" means "alive". Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewb-. love. love. lovely. lovely. leubh- Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewg-. Latin: luxus. Latin: luxuria. Latin: luctor. Latin: lygos. Latin: vitex. Latin: vieo. Latin: vitis. French: envie. "en vie" means "alive". English: envie. English: envy. Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewk-. lustre. lustre. lustrum. lustrum. clearing. clearing. glade. glade. glad. glad. German: heiter. Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewH-. Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewh₃-. lave. lavish. lavo. leech. leech. lye. lye.
Leech in the sense of removing by sucking or eating. Proto-Indo-European/sleydʰ-. Slippery, slick. slide. slope. luge.. German: Lauge. German: Lug. glad. glad.
A lie to bend and twist the truth.
A lie to deflect guilt.
A lie to keep a clean vest.
A lie to excuse a mistake or error or blunder.
A lie to (gr)ease social relations.
German idiom: Seine Hände in Unschuld waschen.
English idiom: wash one s hands of.
German idiom: Mit allen Wassern gewaschen sein.
Literal translation: Being washed with all waters.
Meaning: To know every trick in the book; to know all the dodges.
According to the website, the idiom is derived from experienced seaman.
IMO the origin is not related to experience with the sea but to experience with politics and tricks including seduction and flattery and lies and betrayal.
German Idiom: aalglatt.
English idiom: soft soap.
German idiom: Jemanden einseifen.
Literal translation: To soap someone.
Meaning: To persuade. To seduce. To intoxicate. To betray. To lie. soap. soap. salve. salve.

wiktionary: flatter. flatter.
wiktionary: German: Flause.
wiktionary: German: Flausch. Proto-Germanic/luką. loka. loca. lock. German: Locke. Luke. luke. lew. lewd. lewd. lay. lay. lie. lie. log. block. lid.
Related to bendable, soft, comfortable, pleasant, enticing, attractive.
Related to bend and twist to lure and/or lock and/or trap (betray) something.
Association with either a trap or a safe comfortable space or cave or shelter.
wiktionary: caress. caress
wiktionary: care. care
wiktionary: French: cœur.
wiktionary: core. core.
wiktionary: courage. courage Latin: laus. lust. lust. lyst. list. list.
List = string, strip, cord, band, bend. Used for voice and instruments. lie. lie. German: Lüge.
wiktionary: German: lügen. liar. liar. lyre. lyre.
wiktionary: German: Leier.
wiktionary: German: leiern. lure. lure. lewd. lewd. lute. lute.
wiktionary: German: Laute.
wiktionary: German: lauten.
wiktionary: laute. loud. loud. hear. hear heart. heart. hearty. hearty. sound. sound.