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Lusty. lusty lusty lusty

Lusty is strongly related to:


Lust. lust lust lust

Urge. urge urge urge

Force. force force force

I define lust as an urge and excitement and force to think or feel or do.

Lust (force) is required to do.

Lust does not imply a certain experience of pleasure or displeasure.
I define lust in a general sense that comprises even the smallest activity.
Any activity indicates lust (force).

To do with lust is usually pleasant.

Some cells of the body create pleasure.
The utility of pleasure in bio-logical evolution is to increase lust of other cells to increase what is pleasant.

Some cells of the body create displeasure.
The utility of displeasure in bio-logical evolution is to increase lust of other cells to decrease what is displeasant.

Stephen Ilardi: Therapeutic Lifestyle Change for Depression (2013-01-08), time 505.

Biology of Belief - by Bruce Lipton (full documentary) 2012-04-16.
The video teaches basic knowledge in biology and the role of genes.
A personality is determined by all cells of the body.

There is no free will.
Free will.

There is only automation by forces of what is.

Align lusts for health and wealth and pleasure.

How to have lust.

The Magic of Being "In the Zone" (2019-02-18).

The brain-changing benefits of exercise | Wendy Suzuki (2018-03-21).

Unison. unison unison unison

Harmony. harmony harmony harmony

Sound. sound sound sound

Sanity. sanity sanity sanity

How to have lust.

Transhumans will govern pleasure and displeasure and lust with technology.

Non-transhumans must govern pleasure and displeasure and lust in other ways.

How to have lust in 2 steps:
  1. Allow your body to calm.
    Allow to be eased.
    Allow to be pleased.
    Placebo and nocebo.
  2. Do something pleasant.
    No matter what.

One change allows other changes.

One deed allows other deeds.

Allow a habit of doing.

Allow lust for doing to be normal.

Etymology. lusty. lusty. lust. lust. please. Latin: placeo. Latin: libet. Latin: lubet. Reconstruction: Proto-Italic/luβēō Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewbʰ- urge. urge Latin: urgeo Reconstruction: Proto-Germanic/lustuz. Reconstruction: Proto-Germanic/lausaz. Dutch/German: lustig. German: heiter. Spanish: lozano. Italian: lauto. Latin: lautus. Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewb-. love. love. lovely. lovely. leubh- Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewg-. Latin: luxus. Latin: luxuria. Latin: luctor. Latin: lygos. Latin: vitex. Latin: vieo. Latin: vitis. French: envie. "en vie" means "alive". English: envie. English: envy. Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewk-. lustre. lustre. lustrum. lustrum. clearing. clearing. glade. glade. glad. glad. German: heiter.

Marie Kondo Sparks Joy with Hasan Minhaj | Tidying Up | Netflix (2019-01-07).
The Untold Truth Of Marie Kondo (2019-10-29).
HN: Marie Kondo betrays her whole premise by launching e-commerce store full of junk ( (2019-11-22). Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewH-. Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewh₃-. lave. lavish. lavo. leech. leech. lye. lye.

IMO: The word "slave" is related to "lave". Slaves for work and pleasure.
Although language experts propose "slave" is derived from "slav" (slavic). I guess because Slavs had been enemies of the Romans and were enslaved after victory. slave. slave sclavus.
Besides there is a relation between "lave" and "slave" and "slav" because of the relation between "lave" and "sound" (fame, language, hearing) as shown further down.
Slavs (ethnonym). Proto-Indo-European/sleydʰ-. Slippery, slick. slide. slope. luge.. German: Lauge. German: Lug. glad. glad.
A lie (fraud) means to show (shine) something and hide something else.
A lie (fraud) to bend and twist the truth.
A lie (fraud) to (gr)ease social relations.
A lie (fraud) to whitewash.
wikipedia: Whitewashing (censorship)
German idiom: Seine Hände in Unschuld waschen
English idiom: wash one's hands of
German idiom: Mit allen Wassern gewaschen sein. German idiom: Seemannsgarn
English idiom: Spin a yarn
German Idiom: aalglatt
English idiom: soft soap
German idiom: Jemanden einseifen soap. soap. salve. salve.

wiktionary: flatter. flatter.
wiktionary: German: Flause.
wiktionary: German: Flausch. Proto-Germanic/luką. loka. loca. lock. German: Locke. Luke. luke. lew. lewd. lewd. lay. lay. lie. lie. log. block. lid.
Related to bendable, soft, comfortable, pleasant, enticing, attractive.
Related to bend and twist to lure and/or lock and/or trap (betray) something.
Association with either a trap or a safe comfortable space or cave or shelter.
wiktionary: caress. caress
wiktionary: care. care
wiktionary: French: cœur.
wiktionary: core. core.
wiktionary: courage. courage Latin: laus. lust. lust. lyst. list. list.
List = string, strip, cord, band, bend. Used for voice and instruments. lie. lie. German: Lüge.
wiktionary: German: lügen. liar. liar. lyre. lyre.
wiktionary: German: Leier.
wiktionary: German: leiern. lure. lure. lewd. lewd. lute. lute.
wiktionary: German: Laute.
wiktionary: German: lauten.
wiktionary: laute. loud. loud. hear. hear heart. heart. hearty. hearty. sound. sound.