last update: 2018 12 07

Lusty party

Political parties for political power to protect and to promote the wishes of the lustysociety.

Political goals

In no particular order:
  1. Good money.
  2. Better legislature.
  3. Protection against evil persons.
    Removal of bad privacy.
  4. Removal of harmful costs and limitations like corruption and taxes and labor rights and minimum wage.
    Brain Drain Within the EU? (2018-09-22).
    • Good money.
    • Better organizations like e.g. the lustysociety that does not enforce complications and limitations that prevent beneficial interactions between persons.
  5. Removal of non-automated jurisdiction.
  6. Removal of intellectual property.
  7. Different trade of surfaces.

There are no other political goals.
Everything else can be done by social and economic organizations like e.g. companies or the lustysociety.

Better legislature

The current party system and legislation process should be improved.

It is not acceptable that:
A better party system:

A better legislation process:

Removal of non-automated jurisdiction

The arbitrariness (emotions of the judge) and importance of money and the prohibitive costs and the waste of time and efforts and resources of non-automated jurisdiction must end.

All laws must be declared as computable programs.
The real world can be judged by computers.
The internet of things knows everything.

All laws must be testable programs.

All laws must be usable by anyone for free.

The current situation is too bad: