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The lustysociety.

The will of the lustysociety:

Lusty. lusty.
Etymology: lusty.

The lustysociety recognizes the importance of lust for a lusty life.

The lustysociety promotes a pleasant lusty life.
Lusty life.

Society. society.
Etymology: society.

A person can not live alone.
A person needs friends and allies to live.

A person can not live lustily alone.
A person needs friends and allies to live lustily.

Therefore a lustysociety of allies for a lusty life.
Lusty life.

A person of the lustysociety is a person that:
  1. has the will of the lustysociety.
  2. and is recorded and published as person of the lustysociety by the lustysociety.
    It is important to know who is a person of the lustysociety for social and economic and political and practical reasons.

The lustysociety helps and promotes only persons of the lustysociety.
Time and effort to convince or help or promote other persons: Either a person agrees or not.

Communication is still important in order to reduce the number and harm of evil or insane persons.

Changing reality by force and work is the only way to advance and improve reality.

Speed is important.

Every second is important regarding life and death.

The lustysociety does not wait for other persons.

The lustysociety is not a compromised democracy where an evil and insane democratic majority has the democratic power.
The lustysociety is not a compromised political party whose main goal is to collect votes from an evil and insane democratic majority.

The lustysociety will create political parties to promote the lustysociety.


Etymology: lusty. lusty. lusty.

The lustysociety should work with lust from pleasure and with lust from distress.
The lustysociety works to make pleasure.
The lustysociety works to abolish distress.

Marie Kondo Sparks Joy with Hasan Minhaj | Tidying Up | Netflix (2019-01-07). Reconstruction: Proto-Germanic/lustuz. Reconstruction: Proto-Germanic/lausaz. Dutch/German: lustig. German: heiter. Spanish: lozano. Italian: lauto. Latin: lautus. French: envie. "en vie" means "alive". Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewb-. love. love. lovely. lovely. leubh- Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewg-. Latin: luxus. Latin: luxuria. Latin: luctor. Latin: lygos. Latin: vitex. Latin: vieo. Latin: vitis. French: envie. "en vie" means "alive". English: envie. English: envy. Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewk-. lustre. lustre. lustrum. lustrum. clearing. clearing. glade. glade. glad. glad. German: heiter. Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewH-. Reconstruction: Proto-Indo-European/lewh₃-. lave. lavish. lavo. leech. leech. lye. lye.
Leech in the sense of removing by sucking or eating. Proto-Indo-European/sleydʰ-. Slippery, slick. slide. slope. luge.. German: Lauge. German: Lug. glad. glad.
A lie to bend and twist the truth.
A lie to deflect guilt.
A lie to keep a clean vest.
A lie to excuse a mistake or error or blunder.
A lie to (gr)ease social relations.
German idiom: Seine Hände in Unschuld waschen.
English idiom: wash one s hands of.
German idiom: Mit allen Wassern gewaschen sein.
Literal translation: Being washed with all waters.
Meaning: To know every trick in the book; to know all the dodges.
According to the website, the idiom is derived from experienced seaman.
IMO the origin is not related to experience with the sea but to experience with politics and tricks including seduction and flattery and lies and betrayal.
German Idiom: aalglatt.
English idiom: soft soap.
German idiom: Jemanden einseifen.
Literal translation: To soap someone.
Meaning: To persuade. To seduce. To intoxicate. To betray. To lie. soap. soap. salve. salve.

wiktionary: flatter. flatter.
wiktionary: German: Flause.
wiktionary: German: Flausch. Proto-Germanic/luką. loka. loca. lock. German: Locke. Luke. luke. lew. lewd. lewd. lay. lay. lie. lie. log. block. lid.
Related to bendable, soft, comfortable, pleasant, enticing, attractive.
Related to bend and twist to lure and/or lock and/or trap (betray) something.
Association with either a trap or a safe comfortable space or cave or shelter.
wiktionary: caress. caress
wiktionary: care. care
wiktionary: French: cœur.
wiktionary: core. core.
wiktionary: courage. courage Latin: laus. lust. lust. lyst. list. list.
List = string, strip, cord, band, bend. Used for voice and instruments. lie. lie. German: Lüge.
wiktionary: German: lügen. liar. liar. lyre. lyre.
wiktionary: German: Leier.
wiktionary: German: leiern. lure. lure. lewd. lewd. lute. lute.
wiktionary: German: Laute.
wiktionary: German: lauten.
wiktionary: laute. loud. loud. hear. hear heart. heart. hearty. hearty. sound. sound.

Etymology: society. society. society.