last update: 2018 08 15

The lustysociety

A society to realize the wish of a lusty life for all or at least the members of the lustysociety.

A society because industry determines what happens.

The lustysociety:
Being lonely and isolated and frustrated and working for the benefit of a bad society must end.

It is important that persons with similar preferences and opinions begin to cooperate for a better life.
A society defends and promotes certain preferences.

Many shocking and sad facts can be found on the ethics page and other pages.
I have collected and mentioned these sad facts to show the urgent need for active good societies that oppose the active bad societies.

The name

Lustysociety in one word where and when it simplifies the writing, recognition and search.

Lustysociety is not meant as unique term or name for this society.
It should be translated in any language at will.
E.g. lustige Gesellschaft, muntere Gesellschaft in German.

The wish

A lusty life for all or at least the members of the lustysociety.

Lusty related to:
The realization of these wishes matters:
  1. Promotion of good morality
  2. Promotion of technological evolution
  3. Removal of bad secrets
  4. Removal of animal testing and animal products
  5. Removal of modern poverty
  6. Removal of harmful wasteful activities
  7. Removal of intellectual property
  8. Removal of non-automated jurisdiction

Promotion of good morality

IMO a good morality promotes a lusty life without misery.

The hedonist and epicureanist morality seem to be good.

I find no reason to tolerate misery except as teaching experience for the conclusion that misery should be removed.

A lusty life for all without misery requires modification and/or elimination of species.

The Hedonistic Imperative.

Reddit: We have an ethical obligation to relieve individual animal suffering – Steven Nadler | Aeon Ideas (2018-08-11).

Removal of harmful traditions.

Actions against climate change.

Actions against pollution by plastics.

Promotion of technological evolution

In particular investment to create machine persons.

Unfit for the Future: The Urgent Need for Moral Bioenhancement - Julian Savulescu (Recorded: 2017-05).

Promotion of transhumanist evolution.

Investment to achieve indefinite lifespans.
How we can finally win the fight against aging | Aubrey De Grey | TEDxMünchen (2017-01-11).
Keith Comito at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2018 — One Second, One Life | LEAF (2018-07-18).
Blog of
Dr. Aubrey de Grey at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2018 — Rejuvenation is Finally an Industry | LEAF (2018-08-09).

Removal of bad secrets

Bad secrets are harmful.

Removal of animal testing and animal products

Removal of animal testing.
Instead use of organ-on-a-chip and body-on-a-chip technologies.

Removal of animal products for medical, economic, ecological and ethical reasons.

In 2018, vegan meat can replace animal meat.

Removal of modern poverty

Removal of modern poverty worldwide.
Because empathy requires it.
Because good morality requires it.
Because a rich neighbor is better than a poor neighbor.
In 2018, the human rights are not even guaranteed in the wealthiest states.

Removal of harmful wasteful activities


Removal of intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) should be removed because:
Information exchange is an exponential increase of wealth and not a zero-sum game.

Companies should protect physical property (e.g. audio files, video files) in order to reward efforts and costs.

But knowledge of how to do something should be free for the benefit of all.
Everyone should be allowed to create and sell useful goods and services using already discovered knowledge for free.

The Case Against Patents. 2013. Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine.

Removal of non-automated jurisdiction

The arbitrariness and the prohibitive costs and the waste of time and efforts and resources of non-automated jurisdiction must end.

All laws must be declared as computable programs.
All real world space can be represented by a real time 3D world that can be computed.
The internet of things knows everything.
No bad secrets.

All laws must be testable programs.

All laws must be usable by anyone for free.

The current situation is insane: