last update: 2018 11 26

Modern poverty

For this society, modern poverty implies no access to one of the following goods and services:
  1. Modern healthy diet.
  2. Modern medical care.
  3. Modern schools.
  4. Modern housing.
    Modern design and space requirements.
    Modern construction and modern materials.
    Modern equipment.
    Modern waste treatment.
    Modern supply of warm and cold clean water.
    Modern supply of energy including electricity.
  5. Freedom of communication.
  6. Freedom of escape.

Freedom of communication

Freedom as ability and right to send and receive any data on request.
Freedom as ability and right to use modern communication technology.
No intellectual property.

No freedom and no right to send toxic data that is used to deteriorate goods and services without request.
Notably cybercrime.

Freedom of escape

Freedom as ability and right to escape a bad environment.

Survival is necessary for long term improvement.

Escape does not necessarily mean migration to a different location.
Migration is not a guarantee to escape a bad environment.
Migration might be detrimental:
Migration over a short or long distance is the only way:

Why modern poverty

Poverty is the result of austerity and lack of property and abilities.

Needless poverty is always the political choice of evil societies.

The world only needs 30 billion dollars a year to eradicate the scourge of hunger (2008-06-30).

U.S. Could End Homelessness With Money Used To Buy Christmas Decorations (2012-12-11).

Amazon Workers STRIKE In Italy, Spain, Germany & UK! (2018-11-25), time 28.
Amazon Spain was even so insolent to demand the police to control the productivity of Amazon workers during the strike.

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The Evidence Pours In: Poverty Getting Much Worse in America (2018-11-05).
No government in the world respects and guarantees human rights in 2018.
Especially not regarding poverty (economic, social and cultural rights).

In a good society:
Most government officials lie by claiming they would respect and guarantee human rights.

Instead they promote politics and culture that glorify competition, domination, obedience, secrets, lies, theft, poverty, sacrifices, weapons, destruction, murder:
Lack of basic wealth like: is the result of ignorance, secrets, greed, competition, negligence, corruption, wars, waste of wealth, evil traditions.

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Scarcity of medical experts is a political decision by needlessly restricting the number of allowed licenses for doctors and pharmacists.
Tokyo medical school admits changing results to exclude women (2018-08-08).

Surprisingly many persons and elected politicians justify and defend or at least tolerate poverty and austerity and military expenditures for destruction of wealth and health of other persons.