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Corruption of information.

Bad privacy means bad secrecy and ignorance of true facts:
No security through obscurity.

It is impossible to imagine a modern society with classic privacy for protection.
Privacy as protection means hiding as protection. Like in the wilderness.
A good enlightened rich society must replace cruel obscure chaotic wilderness where the offender can hide and where the victim must hide.

It is impossible to imagine a society that is more advanced but collects and stores and processes and distributes less data.

It is impossible to imagine a good society where:
Good persons of a good society want true information about everything at any time.
Countless recorders with sensors (vision, audition, smell, touch,...) should record reality and distribute it in an appropriate way.
No hiding of important facts because of fear or friendship or bribery or extortion.

Sousveillance should be used to record and distribute facts and to prevent single points of failure and corruption.
wikipedia: Sousveillance.

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What is seen is collected and stored and processed as information by a computer.

Every person must be protected by an automated judiciary.
Automation of the judiciary.
AI can and must prevent crimes and harm by the judiciary and the police.
Ignorantia juris non excusat (ignorance of the law excuses not).

Classic privacy must end and will end after 2040, probably after 2030.
There must be and will be the right to be surveilled by machines for wealth and health and safety and security.
Even if other persons must be identified and tracked by machines.

Facts are used:
Yanis Varoufakis with Ruth Wishart at the Edinburgh Book Festival, August 18, 2018 | DiEM25 (2018-09-24).
Rhetoric is very important regarding politics, the judiciary, social relations and one's own personality.

Examples of persons who have not understood what is good and what is bad:
Good privacy.

Bad privacy.

Social Credit System in China.

Good privacy.

Good privacy protects and promotes health and wealth and good life.


Cryptography (e.g. secret private keys) for protection against harmful attacks and fraud and lies.
E.g. corruption of messages or identity theft.


Privacy for true cosy safety.

True cosy safety by surveillance and protection against lies and arbitrary disturbance by unknown unlocated offenders that are protected by bad privacy.

Bad privacy.

Bad privacy prevents useful knowledge.

Bad privacy enforces ignorance and secrets that:
Bad privacy protects and promotes distress, misery, lies, harm, crimes, destruction, death.

Bad privacy does not allow persons and machines to have certain knowledge required for good deeds and prevention of evil deeds.

There must be no bad privacy that prevents knowledge of important facts.

Bad privacy does not allow persons and machines to go where they are needed for good deeds and prevention of evil deeds.

There must be no bad privacy that hides physical and psychological harm.
There must be no bad privacy that protects offenders who can remain unknown and unlocated.

Nobody must be trusted.

No privileges and no exclusive rights to know or to hide for certain persons or organizations including:

Bad privacy prevents good science and technology.

Because bad privacy prevents good and useful knowledge.

Bad privacy prevents good government.


Bad privacy prevents help.

In order to help:
The knowledge and understanding and offer of help is only possible by abolition of bad privacy.

Life in 2019 is still chaotic and much is determined by luck and badluck.

Why is a person in distress?
Why does a person not have money for survival?
Why does a person not have a good social environment for a good life?
How can the person be helped once the problem is known?

HN: I’m open sourcing my haby to save her and millions of others ( (2019-07-25).
Saving Lydia: Why I’m Open Sourcing My Baby To Save Her and Millions of Others (2019-07-24).

Bad privacy prevents security.

Bad privacy prevents knowledge of distress and misery of a person that needs help and protection.

Bad privacy protects and promotes physical harm and psychological harm and offenders anywhere.
In the family, in the church, in the school, in the company, in the prison, in the police, in the military, in the hospital, in the public, ...

Bad privacy indoctrinates bad fear and guilt and shame.

No security through obscurity.

Reasons among countless:
Bad privacy promotes war crimes and prevents security of the threatened or attacked persons (including humans, other animals and AI in the future) and infrastructure.
Every military attack is a war crime.

Reasons among countless:
Bad privacy promotes fraud and harmful activities by persons and companies.

Bad privacy prevents true knowledge.

Bad privacy prevents true knowledge.
Bad privacy protects and promotes lies and corruption and evil hate and evil actions.

New forms of lies like deep fakes introduce no new problem.
Already today, most people trust only certain sources.
The blind trust in evil politicians and "quality" media (actually corrupt propaganda media) is catastrophic and deadly.
Reasons among countless to trust only information provided by trustworthy sousveillance and not personal promises and propaganda media:

Bad privacy prevents beneficial markets.

Bad privacy prevents good markets and good activities.

All money transactions and market related preferences should be available for free for all.

Not only companies like e.g. banks and Amazon and Google should know all but all should know all to improve the world.

Perfect information about markets.

Winds of Change: The Case for New Digital Currency.

Reasons among countless:

Social Credit System in China.

Chinese Social Credit System.

The surveillance of the Social Credit Sytem is a useful system that prevents bad privacy to some extent.
The problem is not the absence of privacy and secrets that favors offenders but:
"China wants the Social Credit System to make people honest" (2017-09-19).

Maybe China needs this system:
HN: For now at least, China's citizens are embracing social-credit systems (2019-01-25).
Article: Why Big Brother Doesn’t Bother Most Chinese (2019-01-24).

Exposing China's Digital Dystopian Dictatorship | Foreign Correspondent (2018-09-18).

China’s "Social Credit System" Has Caused More Than Just Public Shaming (HBO) (2018-12-12).

Intentions of evil societies are often evil intentions.
Distress and misery and death are accepted willingly by evil societies.
The credit score system in many countries is a private secretive system for the profit of private companies (e.g. banks, insurances, medical care) and for shame and austerity and poverty of the person.
This system does not care about personal good deeds.
This system does not care about people polluting the environment.
This system does not care about the misery of the debtor or drug addict and the related misery of the family and friends.
This system does not care about a healthy diet and a pleasant useful work environment and a pleasant useful social environment and a pleasant useful geographic environment and human rights.

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