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Property of a thing X as the exclusive right to use X.

Personal property.

Goods and services should be personal property that is protected physically and legally.

Personal property of material and energy is possible.
Material and energy can be sold and used and consumed.
E.g. material for buildings, energy for activities.

We are not yet living in a post-scarcity world.
Personal work and personal costs for providing goods and services are still required.
Therefore personal property rights are still required.

Imagine you or the lustysociety had created wealth after work and costs.
How much of that wealth should be taken away and allocated by some other organization?

About taxes.

The system, where taxes are used to finance beneficial activities of the goverment, should be replaced ASAP.

The government should create all money that it needs.
The government should create all money that the society needs.
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Persons (including legal persons like companies) should not finance the government or social security.
The government should be controlled by a democratic legislature and not by a criminal political elite that enforces poverty and warfare.

About debt.

Classic debt should be removed ASAP.

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No intellectual property (IP).

No intellectual property (IP).
No patents.

Knowledge of who did what must be granted.
No theft of identity and merit.

Intellectual property is related to intellectual poverty.
Poverty harms everyone and everything for no good reason.
Every second matters.

Intellectual property is the opposite of intellectual health and wealth.

Intellectual property is the opposite of intellectual freedom.

Modern poverty has enforced needless harm and waste of human work for billions of years (= persons * years of personal life that matter) because of lack of good schools and lack of science and technology including medical care and infrastructure and automation by machines.
Many more billions of years of harm and waste in the future because of retarded development in the past and in the present.

The wealth and consequences of discoveries and creations and deeds and shared knowledge and shared wealth are never predictable.
One person can change the world and the future.
Poverty is detrimental to everyone and everything except slave holders and wage slavery.
Cheap labor is not beneficial. A rich neighbor is beneficial.

Science and technology and good management are the basis of health and wealth and all good change. Including modern culture.

The more persons can promote and benefit from science and technology and good management, the better for everyone and everything.

Intellectual property (IP) should be removed ASAP because IP prevents persons from using science and technology to promote health and wealth and good management for the benefit of everyone and everything.

Unlike most physical goods, information can benefit everyone at almost no additional cost.
Information exchange is an exponential increase of health and wealth and not a zero-sum game.

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