last update: 2018 11 08


Property of a thing X as the exclusive right to use X.

Personal property

Goods and services should be personal property that is protected physically and legally.

Personal property of material and energy is possible.
Material and energy can be sold and used and consumed.
E.g. material for buildings or energy for activities.

We are not yet living in a post-scarcity world.
Personal work and personal costs for providing goods and services are still required.
Therefore personal property rights are still required.

Imagine you or the lustysociety had created wealth after work and costs.
How much of that wealth should be taken away and allocated by some other organization ?

No taxes

Taxes are theft and harmful because they enable unwanted activities and prevent wanted activities.

Taxes are part of a crime against humanity where a small elite controls the economy and the government.
No tax to pay for fossil fuel and bad technologies.
No tax to pay the military and wars and other harmful activities.
No tax to pay for fraud and toxic banks.
No tax to pay for evil harmful politicians and their evil actions.
No tax as tool of evil harmful governments to enforce theft by taxes and misery and murder by wars and poverty.
No tax or mandatory fee to pay for evil corrupt mendacious governments and public service broadcasting.
No tax to pay for bad schools.

Taxpayers do not fund anything (2010-04-19).

The fundamental realignment of British society via fiscal austerity (2018-07-30).

Precarious private balance sheets driven by fiscal austerity is the problem (2018-09-17).

Yanis Varoufakis: Is Capitalism Devouring Democracy? (2018-05-17).

No intellectual property (IP)

No intellectual property (IP).
No patents.

But respect of licenses to know who did what.
No theft of identity.

An advanced society:

Different trade of surfaces

All persons own land surfaces and water surfaces for the same value.
The value of a surface is based on a global trade system.
If X persons want surface S than surface S has the corresponding value.
In case of ambiguity, the current users have priority to keep the surface.

Computer systems are used:
Surfaces of buildings remain personal property until the value of the land surface or water surface under the buildings is greater than the value of the buildings.
In that case, the owner of the surface owns the immobile buildings and the previous owner must remove all mobile things.

The property of special surfaces and special buildings and the creation of surfaces over and under other surfaces is regulated by laws determined by a better legislature.

Why a different trade of surfaces


A goal of the lustysociety is removal of modern poverty except for evil persons.

The lustysociety is only in favor of welfare paid by a specific fee.
The fee might be added to the price of sold goods and services.

The lustysociety is against taxes because tax money can be used for bad activities.