last update: 2019 08 14


Property of a thing X as the exclusive right to use X.

Personal property.

Goods and services must be personal property that is protected physically and legally.

Personal property of material and energy is possible.
Material and energy can be sold and used and consumed.
E.g. material for buildings, energy for activities.

We are not yet living in a post-scarcity world.
Personal work and personal costs for providing goods and services are still required.
Therefore personal property rights are still required.

Imagine you or the lustysociety had created wealth after work and costs.
How much of that wealth should be taken away and allocated by some other organization?

Intellectual property (IP).

In short:
The lustysociety supports the protection of goods and services and investments by secrecy and exclusive use.
E.g. by copy protections and software as a service.

The lustysociety opposes patents because patents are harmful and not profitable for the society:
All knowledge must be shared for free for the benefit of all.
Sharing knowledge is an exponential increase of health and wealth of everyone.
Sharing knowledge is almost free and not a zero-sum game.

Envienta: The Zero Marginal Cost Society - Jeremy Rifkin (2015-06-17).

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OpenGL Floating Point Textures No Longer Encumbered By Patents, Enabled In Mesa (2018-06-18).
The FSF Wants Microsoft To Do More To Help Fight Software Patents (2018-10-11).

About taxes.

No tax money to finance beneficial activities of the goverment.
Beneficial activities of the government must not depend on tax money.

The government must create all money that it needs.
The government must create all money that the society needs.
Good money as basic income.

Natural persons and legal persons (companies) must not finance the government and social security.

The government must be controlled by a democratic legislature.
Better legislature.

The government must not be controlled by an evil and/or insane elite of politicians and bureaucrats and experts that enforce poverty and warfare.

About debt.

Classic debt must be removed ASAP.

No debt with good money..