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What other persons say

You aren't at the mercy of your emotions.

Getting stuck in the negatives and how to get unstuck.

Ask for help if you can not advance alone.

Pleasant feelings

Make pleasant judgements of you.

Make pleasant judgements of your situation.

Make pleasant facts.
Achieve what you consider as good and successful.
Achieve what persons you know consider as good and successful.
Every success matters. Every kind of success matters.

Allow pleasant thoughts and pleasant feelings.
Pleasant thoughts and feelings replace unpleasant thoughts and feelings.

Train to have pleasant thoughts and feelings.
A habit of pleasant thoughts and feelings.
Thought by thought.

Spend more time with pleasant thoughts, actions, persons, things.

Spend less time with unpleasant thoughts, actions, persons, things.

Care less in order to avoid or to alleviate unpleasant states like e.g. hurt pride, shame, regret, guilt, blame, inhibition, lazyness, distracting interests, frustration, anger, sadness, grief, compassion, anxiety, panic.
No bad care. Bad care means holding undue importance of certain facts or states or feelings or behavior.

Anxiety or fear have no reason and no benefit.
Shame has no benefit.
Anger has no benefit.
Depression has no benefit.
Regret has no benefit.
Unpleasant sympathy has no benefit.

Bad feelings have no benefit.

Bad judgements and stress because of failure have no benefit.

Intelligence is useful.
Industry (diligence) is useful.
Help is useful.

Good ethics and good morality promote a lusty life.

How to do what should be done

In a perfect world, you could have and do what you like. Peace would be easy.

Today, technologies and societies are not yet advanced enough to create a perfect world.
Today, to have and to do what you like is not always possible.

It is impossible to give general advices.
Therefore I give several advices to be used if useful.

Industry for a lusty life.
No shame.
No anxiety.
No anguish.

Know what you want.

Know what to do.
Have a plan. Know how to advance. Measure progress in a motivating way.

Give up opposition and reluctance.
Accept and go easily and peacefully and helpfully with the situation and the environment.
Be at ease. Go with the flow.
Allow yourself to do peacefully.
Allow yourself the time to do peacefully.

Relax and have good feelings for your goals.
Relax and have good feelings for your actions.

Have the courage to escape and to change your life and situation if needed.
Change requires change.
The wish to change is the begin of change.

Train to make good actions.
Build a habit of good actions.
Action by action.

Ask for help if you can not advance alone.

How not to do what should not be done

Do what should be done.

Good actions replace bad actions.


Ask other persons for help. This is always the best approach to solve a problem.
More persons have more knowledge, more experience, more understanding, more intelligence, more means to help.

Ask scientific experts for help in special cases.
Ask specialized help services. But do NOT ask the police in case of intoxication or addiction.
Ask psychologists.
Ask medical doctors.

Do not use drugs to try to solve your problems on your own.
Do not consult dubious healers.
Do not consult sects or related organizations. E.g. Narconon.


In case you suffer from intoxication by drugs:

Use only the drugs prescribed by a scientific medical expert.
Even then, be careful and inform yourself.
E.g. an alleged report of an unfortunate detrimental use of ketamine.

Do NOT try drugs on your own.
Not for fun.
Especially not to solve your problems.
Especially not opioids.
Especially not psychedelics.

Quotes from a postdoctoral researcher about psilocybin: Similar quotes from experts about psychedelics: Reports from users of psychedelics:
A bad trip because of intoxication by psychedelics can be like an unescapable intense fever dream while being awake.
It can become worse by triggering a panic attack that might persist for the duration of the trip (several hours) and that might trigger an anxiety disorder or panic disorder.
Going through a bad trip in the jungle sounds worse (albeit in a very different way) than the initian rite with bullet ants or this experience probably triggered by capsaicin and anxiety.

The short time of: is not worth the use of drugs.

Do not underestimate the effect of bio-chemistry: