last update: 2018 08 11


Good thoughts, actions, feelings, persons

Allow good feelings. No fear. No pressure. No stress. No need for achievements as justification for good feelings and selfworth.

Allow good thoughts.

Allow good actions.

Spend time with pleasant persons and good thoughts and good actions.

Care less about bad feelings.

Good thoughts, actions, feelings, persons instead of bad thoughts, actions, feelings, persons.

Ask for help.

Fear or fear related feelings are the most frequent bad feelings.
They might not be identified or felt as fear or terror.
They prevent good actions and lead to procrastination until flight is replaced by fight.
The symptoms when faced with the feared concern can be unease, fatigue, laziness, dissatisfaction, depression, lack of interest, distraction and focus on less uncomfortable topics, reluctance, incapacity to act.


Ask other persons for help. This is always the best approach to solve a problem.
More persons have more knowledge, more experience, more understanding, more intelligence, more means to help.

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Ask scientific experts for help in special cases.
Ask specialized help services. But do NOT ask the police in case of intoxication or addiction.
Ask psychologists.
Ask medical doctors.

Do not use drugs to try to solve your problems on your own.
Do not consult dubious healers.
Do not consult sects or related organizations. E.g. Narconon.


In case you suffer from intoxication by drugs:

Use only the drugs prescribed by a scientific medical expert.
Even then, be careful and inform yourself.
E.g. an alleged report of an unfortunate detrimental use of ketamine.

Do NOT try drugs on your own.
Not for fun.
Especially not to solve your problems.
Especially not opioids.
Especially not psychedelics.

Quotes from a postdoctoral researcher about psilocybin: Similar quotes from experts about psychedelics: Reports from users of psychedelics:
A bad trip because of intoxication by psychedelics can be like an unescapable intense fever dream while being awake.
It can become worse by triggering a panic attack that might persist for the duration of the trip (several hours) and that might trigger an anxiety disorder or panic disorder.


The short time of: is not worth the use of drugs.

Do not underestimate the effect of bio-chemistry: