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Bad school.

Bad schools are the only schools that I have experienced so far.

Bad schools are too lacking and too elitist.
Too much useful knowledge and training is given only by useful parents and useful friends and not by school.
The bad school system is bloated and is boasted to provide beneficial general culture.
The bad school system is severely lacking and actively harmful and is part of an economic system based on wage slavery.
Lacking and harmful regarding a healthy personality and good life.
Lacking regarding knowledge and understanding of scientific and economic and social facts.
Why the Rich are Getting Richer | Robert Kiyosaki | TEDxUCSD (2016-07-21).
Rich Dad Poor Dad (2016-10-21).

Bad schools are too expensive and too limiting.
Regarding money and time and effort and motivation.
Many persons can not afford it.
Many persons can afford it only once in their life.
No certificate means no (good) job for life in most cases.

Bad schools are too wasteful.
Too much resources and efforts for what is most likely useless and thus boring.
Too much resources and efforts for what is quickly forgotten.
Too much failure because the student does not perceive the offered help as useful.
AFAIK in all countries: Failing a course or work means failing the entire study program that required much time, money and effort.

Bad schools are too cruel and too harmful.
School is related to many hours of boring useless work.

School is related to needless failure and stress caused by classic exams.
Failure in school means great harm of your life and mental health.

It is too difficult to become teacher.
It could require only a few months or years to become a useful teacher.
Training could grow exponentially. Teachers training new teachers.
How much time is wasted by lack of teachers training teachers?

Modern poverty has enforced needless harm and waste of human work for billions of years (= persons * years of personal life that matter) because of lack of good schools and lack of science and technology including medical care and infrastructure and automation by machines.
Many more billions of years of harm and waste in the future because of retarded development in the past and in the present.

The reason for this waste of persons and time and wealth and health are evil greed and evil corruption and evil insane austerity and bad schools or no schools.

Solving Poverty Without a Big Wallet | Davis Nguyen | TEDxUCDavisSF (2017-05-16).

The Poverty Paradox: Why Most Poverty Programs Fail And How To Fix Them | Efosa Ojomo | TEDxGaborone (2017-08-14).

Why it's too hard to start a business in Africa -- and how to change it | Magatte Wade (2018-10-24).

Andrew Yang Doesn’t Like Bernie Sanders' Free College Proposal (2019-02-19), time 145.

CS Degrees Are Mostly Just Signaling - An Interview With Economist Bryan Caplan (2019-03-18).

Nearly half of indebted millennials say college wasn't worth it, and the reason why is obvious (2019-04-11).

Good school.

A good school system has 2 purposes:
The personality training is mandatory for 2 reasons:
The training of a child is very important because:
This changes with transhumans (machine persons) who live long (no biological age related constraints) and whose brains are controlled by technology.

Persons should do useful work with other persons as soon as possible.
No one should think and feel to waste time with school.
No one should think and feel to have no access to school.

The good school system consists of:
There is no requirement to write articles.
There is no requirement to make presentations.
There is no judgement of opinions and preferences.
There is only judgement of facts and knowledge.

The school system is not organized and limited by age groups and arbitrary study programs.
Any person can choose what to train at any time.

No classic academic research.

No classic academic research that is prone to secrets and thus corruption and futility because of greed, money, austerity, pride, competition, ambition, arrogance, lies, half-truths, ideology, personal disputes.

Researchers should be rewarded for their useful work to increase knowledge but not for popularity or lucky discoveries.

An Oklahoma High Schooler Changed the Rules of Organic Chemistry (2018-12-10).
This shows the importance of wealth for all and no limitation by intellectual property because the student required a useful teacher, a useful computer, useful software, useful interests, useful money and useful time to follow his interests.

Reddit: TIL that PhD students display twice as many symptoms of psychiatric disorders such as depression than other people. (2019-02-03).

Examples of good development.

Examples of bad academics.