last update: 2018 06 13

Universal Money Income (UMI)

Universal in the sense of every one, including children, receiving a periodic income.
Not in the sense of every one receiving the same periodic income.

The mechanisms:
These mechanisms allow the money provider to control easily the amount of available money without complicated mechanims like taxes and debt and interest rates determined by banks and other institutions.

Why universal

The purposes of the universal income:
No nation respects the Human Rights.
The human rights that the Covenant seeks to promote and protect include:
Thanks to knowledge and abilities, the evolution of societies makes it increasingly difficult to maintain and to justify:
The following factors are synergistic and lead to a so called positive feedback:
Automation and useful activities must be encouraged, supported and financed by a UMI.
Automation and useful activities must not be burdened by debt and taxes.
Automation is a major reason for the difference between rich and poor states in space and time.

Where in the world is it easiest to get rich? | Harald Eia (2016-05-02).

Why money

Money units have 2 good purposes:

Historic purposes of money that should be eliminated:

How to create the UMI

By a modern economy.

By a modern executive.

These alleged numbers regarding the USA are interesting:
What America Spends Per Citizen Per Year: $40,000 (2015-04-27). (Link to the full article).

Besides: Starbucks Billionaire: You Can’t Have Healthcare Or College (2018-06-08).